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The Haunted “Unseen”

Posted on Friday, March 25th, 2011 at 11:03AM by wrathchild
The Haunted “Unseen”The Haunted

Genre: Nu Metal, Alternative, ?
Label: Century Media
Format: CD
Year: 2011

1. Never Better
2. No Ghost
3. Catch 22
4. Disappear
5. Motionless
6. Unseen
7. The Skull
8. Ocean Park
9. The City
10. Them
11. All Ends Well

The Haunted’s latest album, “Unseen”, coming out on March 29th should be left Unseen. I would hardly classify this as metal as it was missing a lot of the elements that make up a good album of the genre like heavy guitar riffs, strong vocals, and a fast pace. At best this album has an alternative sounds with some nu metal and metal core mixed in.

The album starts of with “Never Better”, which goes from a painful nu metal sound to some decent segments with a more melodic pace and really sets up the tone for the album which is one that can’t decide what type of music it wants to be. The tempo of the album slowed further for the next group of songs and I felt like I was listening to a 90’s alternative mix featuring different bands from that era, just not as good. By the time you get to the end of the album where they actually put in a song that sounds a little like thrash, “Them”, they move right back to the alternative sounds that defines the middle of the album to finish it up.

Call it alternative, call it pop-rock, but just don’t call it metal. If you are looking for a metal album then this one is not for you. Until next time…Up The Irons!

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